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Tebala Shriners Rockford, Illinois

  Director's Staff  

The Director's Staff of the Tebala Shrine Center in Rockford, Illinois welcomes everyone to participate in the public functions that the unit sponsors.  The Unit is open to any Nobles who wish to join.  We welcome any and all inquires, including inquires from other Shrines, and Shriners from other Shrine Centers. For any information about our Unit or any of our events, please contact Greg Standbury, President  or  Joe Blanchard, Director Staff Scribe

Tebala's Director Staff, formerly the Tebala Ringmasters, is one of the oldest Units in the Temple. Organized in the early 1920's, their duties are to prepare and present "special" events to the novices joining the Shrine, exemplifying the humorous side of the great fraternity. Over the years this group has been distinctively different because of their mechanized equipment and comedy vehicles used in parades as well as Temple functions.

President Greg Stanbury
Vice President Denny Streid
Treasurer Bruce Sumpter
Secretary Norm Ohler
Director Tom Brawner

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